Everything You Need To Know About Apple’s AirPods 2

Apple’s first generation is a hot selling wireless earbuds in the market these days. Does that mean it needs no innovation? On that note, it is been updated. Latest technologies always fetch something new for their customers, isn’t it? Well, for now, hums have named it as AirPods 2. Expectations are big as Apple always endure to bring out of the box technology. We look forward to this product and crave for exclusive, new features, Siri integrated, impermeable, sleek blueprinted and much more.

This time Apple is trying to reward clients with health sensors built-in earbuds. Yes, you heard it right the biometric sensor technology will be updated for health monitoring. These will be entirely transatlantic this season. The reports affirm that in the first half of this year these AirPods will be propelled. Let’s depose what you can surmise from Apple’s 2nd generation AirPods.

AirPods 2 Release Date and Cost:

This is the big question. When we will see Apple’s AirPods 2? So, we have a little allusion for you.

When they are unboxed? Most probably this year in prime 2019.

How much we have to pay for it? That’s yet veiled, but as per analysts, they are possibly parallel to the existing AirPods cost somewhere around $159.

This is an educated conjecture there are no such official remarks addressed by the company. Forecasters those who are overseas allied to Apple’s fabrication bureaus have said that the company is ready to produce new units but have not approved any precise dates.

But Barclay’s interpreters have opened stating that they may release in the first half of 2019. We are prognosticating it at Apple’s WWDC event during June either September or in the October month at the iPad’s launch event.

As per Twitterati’s (OnLeaks) we may not be able to catch AirPods until the end of this year. So, it may coincide with the iPhone 11 launch date which is in early September’s.

But rumors from Applesfera suggest that AirPods won’t make us wait for too long and could go on sale as soon as March 29, 2019. We have got everything scrutinized from our end to provide you all the information. Now Apple’s reply is awaited.

AirPods 2 Features, Design, Specifications and Rumors (Everything):

Apple’s first AirPods in spite of discordant device were sold well. If you want to know how trendy these are? Just take public transport next time and see people poking you for those earbuds.

Apple’s supremacy justifies the release of a newbie. We have heard a lot about the specifications, design and potential the new AirPod embeds. Well, all are gossips until we get any official intimation from the company.

So, that was all we have heard till now. Now let’s go through the key segment i.e. the features of the new AirPods 2.

Enhanced Wireless Connectivity:

An anonymous person alleged that Bloomberg claimed that the new earbuds have better Bluetooth 5.0 connectivity. This is due to the W2 chip of Apple Watch 3.

Till now Apple wireless AirPods were handled by W1 chip which is receiving an upgrade.


If we consider Bloomberg’s report, it seems that waterproofing will be the raising. Unlike Apple Watch 3 which is completely waterproof, these will be splash or drop resistant only so no diving.  Still, it is better than the first generation at least you are less concerned will sitting beside a pool.

Fitness Tracker:

The new version of Apple AirPods will be a health proctor. This will be patented in March.  Earbuds will include a heart rate sensor along with stroke volume sensors which will collectively calculate cardiac output. Overall AirPOds 2 is much better for analyzing heart rate.


Baked invoice activation will be featured in the new earbuds. Just say “Hey Siri” and Apple’s voice assistant will extrude to help you. However, we did not get any reference when it will be bare but we expect them to on September 2019.

Wireless Charging:

It was estimated in the year 2017 that Apple may offer an optional wireless charger was which later bestowed to the existing AirPods.

There are many Apple devices like Apple Watch 3, iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus that has AirPower.

We would be surprised if it will not be continued in AirPods 2. To charge them easily without hassle a single charging pad is a must.

Better Sound Quality:

Apple is sweating at some pretty natty technology to produce the latest earbuds enabling to sound better even in noisy surrounding without dispelling pressure on the ear canal.

This patent will be procured in July. It outlines a valve system that will allow sound to escape to avoid any vibration. The noise filter in the microphone will be helpful to enjoy songs even in the shrill environment.

Final Words:

We are heeding Apple AirPods 2 in the upcoming season and are assured that it will be sold like hotcakes in the market. No matter when it is unbolted but the domination of Apple will be there in the segment.

With all data and reports, we are assuming these AirPods to be surpassed with the advancements considered. It is presumed to have battery life extended, better design, sound quality and wireless reliability for an even better product.

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