Top 5 TV Shows for Tech Lovers and Geek

If you are tech savvy or techno lover and you miss a show that touches the topic, how infuriated it would be!

Movies are sky-scraping these days and there is no space for any tech related error. The two hours is solely dedicated for some adrenaline rushes gushing into the nerves.

The TV is such a beast earlier which included at least 22 episodes on such topics of 30 to 60 minutes each day to get it right. But with evolving time priorities have changed we are inclined towards advanced milieu that we want to see in the entertainment industry too.

The best art is what reflects the true commentary on humanity. So, in the 21st century, it is good to have technology-based stories, what you say? Our present is vibrant and tech-savvy and our future will be better than now, I am sure. What if we predict and enjoy future on screen (flying cars, UFO, hi-tech planes). Well, technology has a major impact on shaping our upcoming drastically.

Thankfully there are few shows that depict humanity and computing perfectly. It is not always positive but every coin has two sides yeah! So, here are 5 Best TV shows that you can enjoy as a tech geek also check the finest apps for free movie watching on Android so that you can enjoy your favorite shows flawlessly.

Mr. Robot (2015-Present): If you are jaded with political, social, economical and you wish to tumble down, Mr. Robot is the show for you. The main character played by Elliot Alderson is a cybersecurity engineer during the day and a vigilante hacker at night that joins a “hacktivist” group named F Society that desires to bring down corporate America by destroying all debts and financial records. But Elliot has a mental illness that restricts him to do so. Still, he is up for the diversion. The 4 season is currently in the creation but you can check the rest of the series on ShowBox APK. Buck up to get your thrilling mode on.

Black Mirror (2011-Present): You can’t get more technological than this Charlie Brooker’s British series that is up on Netflix for its third and fourth season. It has everything at the next level. It questions you what if tech goes too fast? The only problem with Black Mirror on Netflix is it skews heavily towards bleak future dystopia tales that isn’t that computing. Many may try to avoid as it is hard to depict what’s going on. “That could never happen” is conventional to happen. Recording entire history via contact lenses and uploading consciousness to VR stimulation, it mimics dead loved ones and self-worth measured with social media ratings.

Silicon Valley (2014- Present): The HBO comedy series portrays the life of a computer programmer Richard and his colleagues (housemates/coworkers/friends) that develops a compression program to revolutionize the world. It is based on the experience of Mike Judge (co-creator) as a Silicon Valley Engineer in 1980’s high tech gold rush. The show completed its fourth series on 2017 and revived on April 2018 past. It has refused to miss the beat and continues to skew the dark side of skepticism. The wacky plot twist and turning characters allied with technology are what binds us. It soothing and relaxing with a pinch of comedy, what else we want.

Rick and Morty (2013- Present): This Dan Harmon produced animated series revolves around a 14-year-old Morty and his mad scientist grandfather named Rick. They go across different ages, time and dimension running into different troubles. Rick’s thirst to discover something new and break law always land duo in snag but the best part is how they manage to get out of it. It has a diehard fan base worldwide and has got an appreciation for wildest tomfoolery.


This was all folks! It’s time for you to experience the fun. Don’t wait and stream your favorite show now. If we missed something please tell us in the comment box below. Hey! Don’t forget to share it with your friends too. Have a good day!